Live with the city.
Play with the city.

Who will make future cities?
What kind of vehicle is the future ride?
The answer is left to your imagination.

“Personal mobility” proposed by Toyota is
one of the creative questions asked for the future.
“How do you manage the city?”
I heard a lot of tips.
An architect, a film director, a tea master, a researcher—,
the view of each city found by people living in the city.

Movement will be an unforgettable experience,
the city will be a space to meet unknown.
How do you get on the city?


Innovation in the Cities
of the Future

Innovation in the
Cities of the

  • Kengo Kuma


  • Hideaki Anno

    Director, Producer

  • Akihiro Yanaka

    Toyota Motor Corporation,
    Head of i-ROAD Development

What is the shape of the future as envisioned by internationally acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma, Hideaki Anno, a film director known for depicting cities that bridge the world of science fiction with the present and future of our own cities, and Akihiro Yanaka, the Toyota engineer who developed the i-ROAD?


The tearoom is
“mobility” that
invites one on a
journey to the

The tearoom is
“mobility” that invites one
on a
journey to the extraordinary.

  • Souryou Matsumura

    Tea Ceremony Master, Tea ceremony classrom: SHUHALLY

We spoke with Ryotaro Matsumura, a tea ceremony master who explores the modern identity for the Way of Tea, about his perspective on how to get more enjoyment out of cities today. The result is a glimpse at what the profound world of the tea ceremony and the i-ROAD, which offers a personal mobility space, share in common.


Reengineering the
Experience of
Urban Mobility from

The OPEN ROAD PROJECT has emerged from such aspirations.In the mission to supply urban users with greater mobility, we are moving beyond the sphere of mere product development. In this initiative, the scope of the work has been expanded to perfection of an all-new mobility experience, envisioned to bring innovative new services onboard as well. Toward that end, the planning, development and other phases of the project have not been limited to the in-house resources of Toyota alone.

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