The next stage of Toyota's active safety technology has arrived: Toyota Safety Sense.

As cars continue to become safer and more convenient, Toyota has taken the next step toward a new dimension of comprehensive integrated safety. This is Toyota Safety Sense.
This techonology is available across most passenger models and grades in Japan, North America and Europe. We will continue to take on new challenges on our way to achieve our ultimate desire of zero fatalities and injuries from traffic accidents.

Main Sources of traffic accident fatalities

  • Vehicle-on-vehicle collisions
  • Traffic lane departures
  • Poor night visibility

Toyota's Efforts

The Toyota Safety Sense active safety package was developed focused on three items to help prevent these types of incidents.

Ultimately, the key to safe driving lies with the driver. However, the driver can be aided when possible to help avoid accidents caused by sudden occurrences.

We have packaged several active safety features, including the Pre-collision System for supporting collision avoidance or mitigating damage, Lane Departure Alert for helping to prevent deviation from traffic lanes, and Automatic High-beams to enhance front visibility at night.
Future generations of this system will expand to include a broader range of automated safety systems and technology as research and development progresses.

Toyota Safety Sense

The "Toyota Safety Sense"

Package names, features, and functions will differ according to region and vehicle type.

Collision Avoidance Support

The system detects vehicles on the road ahead with the single-lens camera and laser radar and also helps the vehicle avoid or take reduced damage from collisions.

Degree of danger is assessed from the position, speed and predicted path of one's own vehicle, as well as the speed and position of other vehicles.
If the system determines there is a possibility of collision, the system will alert the driver with audio and visual warnings. If the driver applies insufficient pressure on the brake, the system will assist. If the driver fails to brake completely, the system will apply the brakes automatically.

Vehicles and pedestrians are detected through the millimeter-wave radar and a camera capable of shape recognition.

This allows the system to detect pedestrians, as well as vehicles.

Lane Deviation Prevention Support

The single-lens camera detects white or yellow lines to ascertain vehicle position.

If the driver tries leave a lane without activating the turn signal, a warning is issued.

Night Visibility Support

The single-lens camera assesses the degree of brightness (from the head and taillights of other vehicles) in the surrounding area and switches between high and low beams accordingly.

It helps to ensure sufficient night visibility and early detection of pedestrians.

Driving Support

This system automatically maintains a safe distance from preceding vehicles to alleviate the burden on drivers when driving for long periods on highways.

Speed is automatically adjusted as the onboard millimeter-wave radar monitors the distance from the preceding vehicle. In addition, lane changes of preceding vehicles are detected for smoother deceleration. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is also available with the All-speed Tracking Function that can maintain safe distances even at low speeds caused by traffic congestion.

Devices to Assist the Driver

Two sensors for enhanced active safety Each Toyota Safety Sense package features one of the following sensor combinations.

Laser radar & single-lens camera

This combination ensures superior recognition function and reliability.

Laser Radar
  • Precise distance recognition at night and in close spaces for excellent detection of preceding vehicles
  • *The image might be different from ones of actual products
Single-lens camera
  • Object shape recognition: white and yellow traffic line detection
  • *The image might be different from ones of actual products

Millimeter-wave radar & single-lens camera

This combination allows the pre-collision system to detect pedestrians. Also, millimeter-wave radar enables use of radar cruise control.

Millimeter-wave radar
  • Effective at detecting preceding vehicles at a distance
  • Not strongly affected by rain, fog, snow or other environmental factors
  • Combination with the single-lens camera enables pedestrian detection
  • *The image might be different from ones of actual products
Single-lens camera
  • Object shape recognition; white and yellow traffic line detection
  • *The image might be different from ones of actual products

Toyota Safety Sense supports various collision avoidance and damage mitigation features.