Beloved Car

Toyota's challenge is to create a new relationship between people and cars. Through advanced artificial intelligence technology, next generation cars that learn about people will help driving safety and provide opportunities for new experiences.


A car that is always at the drivers' side and understands them by learning about people through estimating their emotions, alertness, and individual preferences. The more time the driver and car spend together, the more data will be accumulated and the more attuned the car will be to the driver's sensitivity.


Realizes the safest and most comfortable driving experience by constantly monitoring the drivers' condition, the reliability of automated driving in addition to the outside situation, providing driving assistance, and proposing to switch to automated driving whenever necessary.


An agent learns about the driver's tastes and preferences, and makes proposals for exciting new discoveries and expanding the driver's experience.


Take a look at the vehicles of the future, where TOYOTA CONCEPT-i leverages the power of an advanced artificial intelligence system to create a new relationship between people and cars.

The International  Consumer Electronics Show

TOYOTA CONCEPT-i was first unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.