Taking aim at CO2 Zero emissions from factories – Toyota’s vision for energy management

Toyota will help create a better society and environment by putting our knowhow in efficient craftsmanship elimination of waste, unevenness, and overburden to use in energy management.

Energy management at Toyota Here we have a video about energy management at Toyota.

Energy management at Toyota Here we have a video about energy management at Toyota.

In the village of Ohira, Miyagi Prefecture, we are engaged in the F-grid project, which benefits things, people, and the community by creating infrastructure for effective energy use at plants.

Effective use of thermal energy from electrical production without waste

We collect nearly 80% of thermal energy generated by electrical production in F-grid and employ it for heating greenhouse, painting automobiles, and air conditioning in factories.

Managing data to make most of energy

The Community Energy Management System (CEMS) allows us to optimize the balance of energy supply and demand for the entire town. By building a system which limits excess use and production of energy, we have succeeded in saving about 20% more energy than before.

Smart employment of renewable energy

Thanks to the system enabling effective utilization of solar power and other renewable energy, the F-gird now operates partially by renewable energy.

The F-grid benefits the region by building things, people, and communities.

Building things

At local farms, water warmed with exhaust heat from plants is kept in thermal storage tanks. This warm water is put to use in keeping the greenhouses at Paprika House at 20℃, enabling the farm to provide safe and reliable domestic paprika.

Building people

At the Toyota East Japan Academy, Toyota’s internal vocational school, we cultivate craftsmen with strong connections to the community. We provide a platform where they can learn their trade in an environment very similar to their actual workplace while acquiring advanced skills.

Building communities

In emergencies, we provide electric power generated by F-grid to the local company and it is supplied by existing electric system to the region around the town hall of Ohira, where the regional disaster prevention center locates. We also installed emergency power generator made by repurposing used Prius storage batteries. This will provide lit and safe environment to everyone in the community even under emergency circumstances.

The F-grid is building harmonious relationship with local society by supplying energy circulating inside the community around plants. We will continue implementing the project in the other plants across the globe aiming to make the world free of CO2 emissions. Building better societies, and a better world - Toyota’s challenge has just begun.