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Ha:mo service in Grenoble, France

Toward a New Style of Urban Mobility

A next-generation urban traffic system verification project has started in Grenoble, France. This initiative is forging a new style of mobility that couples the merits of ultra-compact electronic vehicles (EVs) with cars and public transportation. This smart transport is finding fans in Grenoble as a way of getting from one place to another in an environmentally friendly that also reduces traffic congestion.

Discovery Channel Reports on the Project

Here is a report from the streets of Grenoble.

The Discovery Channel visited Grenoble to report on the verification project. The resulting story offered a glimpse of the future of urban transport that is both more environmental and convenient. The report highlighted the fun of driving the Toyota i-Road, the voice of city residents who regularly use the service, and the thoughts of the people behind the project.

The Grenoble verification project takes an innovative approach to urban access

Together with several partners, Toyota is participating in a three-year car sharing verification project using ultra-compact EV's in the city of Grenoble, France. 
The aim is to make urban mobility much smoother and to alleviate traffic congestion.

Due to future increases in population, new mobility systems will become necessary.

The diversification of mobility methods is a factor in easing traffic congestion, and this is seen as contributing to the realization of a low carbon society.


A verification project supported by Toyota technology

Toyota is engaged in this project with Grenoble City and EPCs and has provided 70 ultra-compact EVs including i-ROADs. It has also developed a last-mile-mobility management system and smartphone apps. The EVs and systems are supported with Toyota's latest technology.




Smartphone apps for route selection and easy reservation making

To ensure easy and convenient services this project offers two smartphone apps for optimal route selection and vehicle reservation.

Multimodal navigation service
Station Mobile

A smartphone app will provide the optimal route guidance through a combination of private cars, public transport and last-mile mobility.

Last-mile mobility service
Cité lib by Ha:mo

The service provides two choices of ultra-compact EV's (i-ROAD and COMS) for mobility to the final destination.
The smartphone app enables users to access information concerning vehicle availability, reservations and vehicle charging status.

To Citélib by Ha:mo Services


Grenoble is a place where leading edge research institutes gather in a naturally beautiful setting

Grenoble, located in the south east of France, is about 3 hours from Paris by train. The city is nestled at the base of the French Alps and has a population of about 150,000. (The population of the larger metropolitan area is approximately 400,000.)
This beautiful city, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1968 and is a popular destination for winter sports, is also known for its advanced level of learning and its research institutes.


Cité Lib by Ha:mo project was closed in the end of November. Thank you very much for your support.

As we completed 3 years of project term, which was agreed between partners in the contract, we terminated our service with success in the end of November.
Over 1,500 customers subscribed and we have achieved a high customer satisfaction (over 90% of our customers were satisfied, according to our survey). As expected, it worked as complementary service to complete the existing transportations and contributed to encouraging multimodality.
Around 70% of our high-active customers, who drove their private car often, enjoyed our service mainly for shopping and leisure purpose (inside city center) because of a free-parking benefit. Also for the customers, who mainly used public transport or bicycle, our service was used for mid-night or pick-up cases.
Based on customers’ voice, we’ve improved our system and vehicle during a project. This accumulated knowledge will be reflected on future plan of R&D activities and our car-sharing projects in Europe.
We deeply appreciate all of your support on our project.


Next Generation Urban Traffic System

Toyota Multi-modal Navigation System

The i-ROAD was developed to be used for a portion of the journey—last-mile mobility—in the Next Generation Urban Traffic and Multi-modal Navigation System. Analyzing traffic conditions, the system combines driving with user's own car, public transit and last-mile mobility to deliver the most efficient route to a user's smartphone. With this system, Toyota can help reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gases, making our cities better places to live.

Note: Toyota multimodal navigation not available in the Grenoble Verification Project

What is Toyota's "Multi-modal Navigation System"?


City of Grenoble

Allocation of parking spaces for the car-sharing system.

the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

Connection to the Station Mobile trip planner.

Cité lib

Customer relationship management and daily vehicle and charger maintenance.

EDF Group

Planning, installation and operation of the Charging stations (120 in 27 locations) across the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole.


A total of 70 ultra-compact EVs will be provided (35 COMS and 35 i-ROAD units), and provision of the Last-Mile Mobility Management System to manage the interconnectivity between users, vehicles, charging stations and the web-based Station Mobile trip planner.

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Personal Mobility: Toyota i-ROAD

i-ROAD has transforms urban mobility

The i-ROAD is a new concept in mobility eminently suited to city movement, adding vivid color to urban areas. The automatic active lean mechanism provides a unique new driving experience. Vehicle and driver move as one in an exhilarating ski-like motion making this a pleasant and refreshing way of enjoying a drive!

TOYOTA i-ROAD - Urban Style Ahead / Behind the scenes

Details of i-ROAD's performance


Driving the i-ROAD parallels skiing

In a city famed for winter sports, the i-ROAD's automatic active lean mechanism produces a ski-like driving motion for smooth cornering with outstanding stability on bumpy surfaces. The vehicle and driver move as one, cutting swiftly through the air in an exhilarating motion.

TOYOTA i-ROAD - Active Lean Performance / Behind the scenes

Details of i-ROAD's driveability



The Smart Mobility Society considers the future of people, vehicles, and communities

Toyota envisions a Smart Mobility Society that contributes to reduced carbon emissions, and is working to achieve this goal in four key sectors.
Toyota uses new technologies and concepts to link people, vehicles and communities, thereby creating a mobility society that is vastly more eco-friendly and enjoyable.
Toyota's vision is progressively coming together and getting closer to becoming a reality.



Instilling Greater Freedom in Urban Mobility with the Open Road Project.

In the mission to supply urban users with greater mobility, we are moving beyond the sphere of mere product development. In this initiative, the scope of the work has been expanded to perfection of an all-new mobility experience, envisioned to bring innovative new services onboard as well.
Toward that end, the planning, development and other phases of the project have not been limited to the in-house resources of Toyota alone.



The world's first use of i-ROAD EVs on public roads in Toyota City

A "Next Generation Urban Traffic System" verification project is underway in Toyota City, Japan. In March 2014, Toyota i-ROADs ran on public roads for the first time ever. The residents enjoyed this new sensation of moving in unity with the EV.



The Grenoble verification project has generated a lot of buzz, with an array of media covering it.



The Toyota i-Road sharing service trial is hitting the streets of Tokyo!

Starting in April 2015, the Toyota i-Road will be darting about Tokyo as part of an innovative EV sharing service program. The ecological, comfortable, and stylish i-Road promises to bring both new freedom and fun to drivers in the metropolis.