Toyota Presents Its Intelligent
Driver Support System


Now in its twentieth year, the ITS WORLD CONGRESS is the largest ITS-related∗ meeting in the world. Governments and research institutions, as well as other organizations and ITS groups from individual countries present cutting-edge technologies and products in papers, displays, and demonstrations.

This year the ITS WORLD CONGRESS will be held at Tokyo Big Sight over six days from October 14-18.
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∗Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are new transport technologies that use information technology to link cars with people, roads, and communities to prevent accidents and reduce traffic.

Toyota's Ultimate Goal:
The Elimination of Traffic Fatalities and Injuries
Realizing ITS-based advanced driving support systems a reality

Toyota is working to create a mobility society that offers safety and peace of mind and to build advanced driving support systems that will eliminate accidents and congestion. At the same time, the driver is of prime importance and there will be no compromises on the joys of driving.
During ITS WORLD CONGRESS TOKYO 2013, Toyota will demonstrate these systems on public roads.
Through this demonstration, Toyota will not only introduce the safety benefits for highway driving of car-to-car sharing technologies, but also show how these systems will contribute to reduced traffic congestion and increased fuel efficiency on all types of roads.

Cooperative-adaptive cruise control.

Smooth driving and reduced traffic congestion. Cooperative-adaptive cruise control.

Utilizing ITS car-to-car communication, information on acceleration and deceleration from the car ahead will be shared in real-time with the following car, helping realize precise and non-wasteful driving control. It will become possible for multiple cars to travel as if they were linked, making highways feel safer and contributing to reduced traffic congestion and increased fuel economy.


Helping keep drivers within their lanes even in sharp turns.
Lane Trace Control

Lane Trace Control, a completely new automated driving technology from Toyota, employs high-performance onboard cameras, millimeter wave radar, and control software to identify and follow an optimal and smooth driving line at any speed. The system adjusts the vehicle's steering, torque, and braking when necessary to maintain the optimal line within the lane, assisting with safe driving even in sharp turns or slow traffic.


Automated Highway Driving Assist

Introducing Toyota's newly developed Advanced Driving Support Systems technology: Automated Highway Driving Assist.