The Grenoble trial has generated a wealth of media converage



The Toyota i-Road sharing service trial is hitting the streets of Tokyo!

Starting in April 2015, the Toyota i-Road will be darting about Tokyo as part of an innovative EV sharing service program. The ecological, comfortable, and stylish i-Road promises to bring both new freedom and fun to drivers in the metropolis.



The world's first use of i-ROAD EVs on public roads in Toyota City

A "Next Generation Urban Traffic System" verification project is underway in Toyota City, Japan. In March 2014, Toyota i-ROADs ran on public roads for the first time ever. The residents enjoyed this new sensation of moving in unity with the EV.


Toward the realization of a smart mobility society – Another epic challenge by Toyota!

Intelligent Transport Systems

Cars speaking to each other?

Next Generation Urban Traffic System

What is i-ROAD urban social mobility?