Toyota’s Vision of the Connected Future Is Here

Smart Mobility City 2015 at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Amazement at Future Mobilities

People experiencing the technologies at the Smart Mobility City 2015 project at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015, which have been made commercially available in Japan before anywhere else, are anticipating big things for the future.

Another Step closer to a World with Zero Traffic Accidents

Toyota has made its ITS Connect, a safety system that enables vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure, commercially available for the first time in the world. ITS Connect is a package featuring the following five key systems to aid safe driving. Toyota is introducing ITS Connect using on-stage demonstrations and panel displays.

  1. Right-turn Collision Caution*
    Alerts the driver to oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to prevent collisions.
    * This system is equivalent to "Left-turn Collision Caution" in countries that drive on the right.
  2. Red Light Caution
    Notifies the driver of the signal ahead to avoid running a red light.
  3. Signal Change Advisory
    Provides a signal change timer to help smooth starting.
  4. Emergency Vehicle Notification
    Informs the driver of the emergency vehicle nearby to aid swift location.
  5. Communicating Radar Cruise Control
    Integrates Radar Cruise Control and V2V information from the preceding vehicle to help follow it smoothly.

About the Smart Mobility Society Cooperative ITS Initiative


Will this change sightseeing?! Start of trial project of the Ha:mo next-generation transport system in Okinawa Prefecture

Toyota has decided to start new trial project in January 2016 in the town of Motobu, Okinawa Prefecture, to make travel in tourist areas more efficient and convenient. The project will place COMS, a ultra-compact electric vehicle (EV), at lodging facilities and other sites to be used in a car-sharing service coordinated through a new tourism smartphone app. Toyota is introducing the project in detail and giving a demonstration of it at the motor show. Field tests have already been conducted in Grenoble, France, and Tokyo and Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture in Japan.


Is it a motorcycle? A car? Ride the head-turning Toyota i-ROAD and experience ultra-compact mobility.

Test rides and field tests of the i-ROAD, a new concept in urban mobility, are happening in several locations as the technology moves closer to commercial release. Visitors can test ride the i-ROAD in this futuristic smart city. Anticipation for its commercial availability is rising as more people experience firsthand this next-generation style of transport.


Exhibitions styled after a theme park create a next-generation smart city experience

Smart Mobility City 2015 is a theme project at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 where you can experience firsthand a next-generation smart city and cars equipped with the latest technologies as well as the ways people will interact with them. Automakers, ICT companies and many other companies and groups involved in the auto industry are setting up booths here. Toyota is showcasing its cooperative ITS technologies, the next-generation transport system Ha:mo, and the Toyota i-ROAD.



Introducing technologies commercially available for the first time in the world at the ITS World Congress 2015

The ITS World Congress brings together ITS-related groups from around the world, including automakers as well as governments and research organizations from many countries, to announce their new technologies. Toyota attracted visitors’ attention by introducing its cooperative ITS technologies made commercially available for the first time in the world.



i-ROAD has transforms urban mobility

The i-ROAD is a new, ultra-compact electric vehicle with three wheels. This new vehicle type of vehicle from Toyota employs the latest technology to offer exhilarating and compact mobility for short-distance city driving. The i-ROAD is, like a conventional vehicle, ideal for personal mobility and equally suitable for sharing service in as part of a last-mile-mobility service.



The smart mobility society considers the future of people, vehicles and communities

Toyota envisions a "smart mobility society" that contributes to a low carbon society and is working to achieve this goal in four key sectors.
Toyota links people, vehicles and communities through new technology and new concepts to create a motorized society that is vastly more eco-friendly and enjoyable.
Toyota is progressively making these dreams come true.



The Grenoble verification project aims to achieve innovation in urban access.

Toyota, together with several partners, is participating in a three-year verification project involving ultra-compact EV car sharing in the city of Grenoble, France.
Through this project, urban mobility will become much smoother and traffic congestion will be alleviated.

Due to future increases in population, new mobility systems will become necessary.

The diversification of mobility methods is a factor in easing traffic congestion, and this is seen as contributing to the realization of a low carbon society.

Ha:mo service in Grenoble, France