TNGA Movie

CONCEPT MOVIE - Core Strength

Introduction Cars that exceed customer expectations

Superior handling, acceleration you can feel, and the agility to move as you please. The sublime sound of the engine, and the fresh styling of a custom interior. As you sit in the driver's seat, hands on the wheel, your senses are awakened and you understand the true potential of a TOYOTA.

TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) is Toyota's newest challenge.

Just as athletes build their core strength to maximize their performance, we have worked on improving the car's core components.
To enhance each model's unique features to accentuate its appeal, we share their highly functional core components.
Our aim is simply "Making Ever-better Cars."

TNGA's Five Domains


Driving Quality

Satisfying to drive by everyone

You can feel that first moment of acceleration in your body. In addition to the exceptionally smooth ride, the car responds exactly as you imagined.

Driving is most fulfilling when the car is an extension of the self.



Comfort that Makes You Want to Keep on Driving

The spacious cabin interior, the wide-open scenery before you, the agreeable note of the engine.

A unique experience for all the senses — and one shared by everyone.



An Indispensable Toolkit

Highly intuitive interfaces communicate everything from fuel consumption to luggage space with the immediacy of a tried and trusted tool.

Smart technology that enriches the daily driving experience.


Pride of Ownership

Styling for That Sought-After Appeal

It's a presence that enhances self-worth.
State-of-the-art environmental performance and styling that never goes out of fashion.
Environmental consciousness and quality of workmanship that bring with them a sense of pride.



Towards a Better Society

Your car takes care of you, its strong body protects you.

World-class security features leave you at ease, able to simply enjoy the ride.

Challenge TNGA is Toyota's new challenge for "Making Ever-better Cars."

Core Strength

Strengthen the core to enhance the vehicle's performance.

Evolution in manufacturing brings evolution in vehicles.
All in the name of improving performance.

Just like the human body, every vehicle needs a fundamentally strong core. This is what TNGA provides.
From separate development of each part, to integrated development based on the concept of total optimization. The result is a lightweight, streamlined, high-performance platform and powertrain unit.
The lower installation point enhances dynamic driving performance.

Pioneering the future of automobiles for the coming decades.
Perseverance and a commitment to basic performance.

Basic performance, such as moving, turning and stopping, is a key focus in pursuit of a car that is truly enjoyable to drive. That's our priority, but we don't compromise on comfort or usability either. Every effort goes into developing ideas that solve such challenges. Designing cars in which all passengers enjoy a comfortable ride. Toyota aspires to develop cars that will still be performing at the top of their class in 10 years' time. This engineering spirit drives TNGA.

Emphasized Personality

Enhance each model's unique features to accentuate its appeal.

TNGA further enhances each model's appeal.
Chief engineers focus on highlighting the individual model's appeal.

It's no exaggeration to say that the role of the chief engineer is to make each model more attractive.
TNGA advantages:
Superior basic performance allows chief engineers to focus on refining each model.
A lower hood profile allows greater flexibility in design. These advantages let chief engineers and designers focus on creating highly appealing exterior styling.

Preserving the appeal of the car.
Immeasurable passion for car-making that moves people's hearts.

Our goal wasn't simply to deliver functional benefits, such as driving quality or economic performance. Great focus was placed on "emotional value that cannot be measured," such as the feelings of excitement when looking at or getting into a car.

"Making Ever-better Cars" has always been and will always be our mission.

Toyota's belief in this mission allowed us to realize TNGA.
We look forward to continuously developing ever-better cars in the future.