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Toyota's Effort

  • Vision & Philosophy Vision & Philosophy Striving to create outstanding earth-friendly products for sustainable growth, Toyota honors the laws, customs and cultures of all nations
  • Sustainability Policy Sustainability Policy Introducing Toyota's CSR Policy, CSR Data and GRI Content Index.
  • Environmental Technology Social Aspects Toyota's initiatives for traffic safety, quality first, creating an affluent society, respect for human rights, etc. keeping with every stakeholder.
  • Governance Governance Introducing Toyota's corporate governance, risk management and compliance.
  • Environmental Responsibility Environment Everything from Toyota's basic stance to specific initiatives being put in place to better the environment.
  • Traffic Safety For Traffic Safety Toyota believes it is important to promote an Integrated Three Part Initiative, involving people, vehicles, and the traffic environment, as well as to pursue "real-world safety" by learning from accidents and incorporating that knowledge into vehicle development.
  • Corporate Citizenship Social Contribution Activities Toyota is actively engaging in social contribution activities to support the sustainable development of a flourishing society with the aim of being a good corporate citizen.
  • Environmental Technology Environmental Technology From hybrids and electric vehicles to fuel cell technology, learn how Toyota automobiles are the key for tomorrow's eco-driving