Annual Report 2012

Changes for Making Ever-Better Cars

New Hybrid Boasting the World’s Best Fuel Economy*1

Aqua (Japan)

Powered by a small, light, efficient new 1.5-liter gasoline-electric hybrid system, the Aqua is top of its class worldwide in fuel economy*1 (as tested on the JC08 Japanese cycle).
Although a compact, the Aqua's spacious interior has been rated highly.
By the end of January 2012, only one month after the vehicle's launch, the number of orders for the Aqua in Japan had reached an impressive 120,000.
The Aqua is made in Tohoku, a region in Japan positioned by Toyota as a compact car production base.

  • *1 Of all compacts except plug-in EVs; as of July 2012

Toyota's Medium- to Long-Term Growth Initiatives II

New Model Sets the Benchmarks for Function and Design


The Lexus GS, which stands for "grand touring sedan," is built to transport four adults comfortably over long distances at speed.
The new GS offers a refined design that stirs the emotions.
By presenting broad advances in environmental and driving performance, with an even stronger and lighter body achieved through state-of-the-art production technology, the GS takes the Lexus brand to new heights.

Toyota's Medium- to Long-Term Growth Initiatives I

Embraced in India, where sales have topped 100,000 units


The Etios was born in 2010 in India of the concept of creating a car to please emerging market consumers.
Toyota developed the Etios over a five-year period through the efforts, based on opinions taken directly from consumers in India, of a team mostly composed of Indian engineers.
Toyota launched the Etios in the South Africa market in April 2012 and total Etios sales in India reached 100,000 units as of the end of May.
Toyota is pursuing initiatives so that consumers in emerging markets worldwide can embrace the Etios.
The Etios will be made in two countries beginning in the second half of this year, with production planned to commence in Brazil.
Toyota will continue to listen closely to consumer feedback and input in emerging markets as well as other countries in our drive to build ever-better cars.

Toyota's Efforts in Emerging Markets

Born of an alliance, the 86 makes driving fun

86 (Japan)

The 86, jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru, brings together the sports car development know-how and core technologies cultivated by both brands.
The 86 adds a horizontal D-4S* engine and an ultra-low center of gravity (460 mm above the road) to the intuitive rear-wheel-drive concept, creating fun handling that makes the driver feel at one with the car.
The 86 offers a dimension of driving fun not found in other sports cars.

  • * Direct injection four-stroke gasoline engine, superior version

Toyota's Medium- to Long-Term Growth Initiatives/Cover page

Toyota's Unchanging Corporate Stance

Continuing to offer consumers products that exceed expectations

Continuing to offer consumers products that exceed expectations

Since our founding, Toyota has continuously strived to contribute to sustainable development at both the community and global level by providing innovative, high-quality products and services.
The Toyota Global Vision represents the commitment to continuous growth through a cycle, founded upon the spirit of monozukuri (conscientious manufacturing) maintained throughout our history, that consists of making better cars, building better communities and a better society, and establishing a stable business base.
We believe that our theme—"Taking on Change"—represents an evolutionary process for Toyota that is anchored in our unceasing commitment to our core business policies and practices such as "the customer is No. 1" and genchi genbutsu (onsite, hands-on experience).

Toyota Global Vision