Annual Report 2012

President's Message

Making Ever-Better Cars that Exceed Expectations

Akio Toyoda

I first would like to express my sincere gratitude for your ongoing support and understanding of our company.

No matter how harsh the business environment becomes, Toyota has always strived to make ever-better cars that exceed expectations and bring smiles to those who choose them.

Despite the impact of the very strong yen in FY2012, thanks to concerted efforts throughout the whole Toyota group of companies, we have made much progress in our efforts to improve our profit structure and establish a robust profit foundation through activities such as cost improvement.

We are also fulfilling our social responsibilities by making cars in ways that meet strict environmental and safety standards and also meet society's expectations.

As stated in the Toyota Global Vision announced last year, making ever-better cars and contributing to the betterment of towns and communities leads to a stable business base. This is the Toyota approach to business: Achieving sustainable growth through a virtuous cycle. I believe the new cars we launched this year show the direction we are headed in.

It is likely that the very difficult business environment the world is facing now will continue.All 320,000 of us at Toyota around the world will work as one, to be a company that can realize sustainable growth. Toyota will move forward, never turning back. I, and everyone at Toyota, request your continued and ongoing support.

July 2012

Akio Toyoda Akio Toyoda, President