The 3rd-generation PRIUS is the evolutional realization of futuristic and high-tech design together with a feeling of human-warmth, culminating in the creation of an "Eco-icon". The synergy of these contradictory factors relates to "j-factor", Japanese originality. The "Eco-icon" concept is realized by such as the distinctive "Triangular Silhouette", "Aero-corners" of bumpers and the prioritization of the lower grill aperture. As a result, it achieved one of the worlds lowest CD of 0.25 and the CO2 emissions have dropped to 89 g/km. Furthermore, it is also equipped with cutting edge technologies such as the Solar Powered Ventilation System.

2010 Awards

  • 2009-2010 Golden Marker Trophy (Production Car)

  • JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.11/2009

  • 2009 International Public Design Award, Grand Prix

2009 Awards

  • Good Design Gold Award 2009

  • iF product design award 2010

  • Design For Asia Award 2009 Special Award for Sustainability

  • Design For Asia Award 2009 Bronze Award

  • 2009-2010 JAHFA Car Design of the Year