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  • Spec


    • Overall length (mm)


    • Overall width (mm)


    • Overall height (mm)


    • Wheelbase (mm)


    • Engine Type

      N04C-VK, Direct-injection
      diesel with turbo

    • Displacement (cc)


    • Max. output (kW/rpm)


    • Max. torque (Nm/rpm)


    ※ This is one of the examples and the specs vary depending on the country.


Dependable transportation, safety and comfort for all. The Coaster has long provided the world with logistic, lifestyle and transportation solutions. Business owners and company managers from industries as diverse as construction, mining and tourism demand a highly durable "working vehicle" that keeps on running.
A long-time customer favorite. The Coaster was first launched as the "Light Bus" in 1963, in response to increased demand for a minibus that could approximately seat 25 passengers comfortably. In 1969, the vehicle underwent a partial redesign and was later renamed Coaster―a name which it has continued to use for over the past 50 years.
Safety Features The Coaster utilizes a ringed body frame which unifies the roof, sides, and floor frame sections. The use of high-tensile steel plates further contributes to a rigid body that complies with the ECE2 Regulation 663 (Rollover) global safety-performance standard.
Eye-catching design The roof features chamfers to realize a simple yet attractively modern design. Character lines divide the side of the vehicle into upper and lower regions while the underbody accentuates the area around the wheels, thus revealing a sturdy body that provides powerful support for the cabin.
Comfortable Cabin Space The cabin space has been heightened by 60 mm, and the windows have been moved outwards by approximately 40 mm, thus providing enough space for passengers to rest their elbows. In addition, the side windows have increased in height by 50 mm, which creates a comfortable and open passenger space.
A user-friendly cockpit The Coaster features a cockpit that enables the driver to focus on driving: the windshield openings have been widened to expand the driver's field of view, while an optimal distribution of function switches, as well as compartments around the driver's seat help minimize the need for the driver to shift his or her line of sight.
Dependable transportation, safety and comfort for all.
A long-time customer favorite.
Safety Features
Eye-catching design
Comfortable Cabin Space
A user-friendly cockpit


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