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    The period of introduction for this generation model may vary by region.

The renewed blossoming of the world's bestselling car.

"The DNA successfully inherited for 40 years about to open up a new flower"

Soichiro Okudaira

Tenth Generation Corolla Development Leader

Soichiro Okudaira

Period of Assignment: 2006 -

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After joining Toyota Motor Corporation in 1979, Okudaira was involved in the designing of functional parts, such as wipers and door locks, including the power door lock for the Celsor, for 12 years at the Body Engineering Division. He resided in Washington D.C. for three years (1992-1995) to support the GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) project from abroad by researching trends in collision safety technology and handling operations regarding United States Department of Transportation rulemaking. In 1995, he was assigned to the initial planning of new platforms for FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) vehicles, beginning with the Aristo at Body Engineering Division 1 of Toyota Development Center 1. Then in 1999, he was in charge of the Porgres and Brevis as the manager of Product Planning and released the Brevis in 2001 as the Chief Engineer. In 2002, he became in charge of IST, also released as the Scion xA in the US and the Urban Cruiser in Europe, as the Chief Engineer of Toyota Development Center 2. It was around this time in which he became involved in the reformation of the vehicle development process as the BR-AD (Business Reform Advanced Development Department) General Manager. In 2003, he was in charge of the development of the Corolla as the Executive Chief Engineer of TOYOTA Development Center 2.


"Corolla's only adversary is Corolla itself"

No other vehicle is assumed during the development of the Corolla; in other words, the Corolla's adversary is only the Corolla itself. Our biggest task is always to try and incorporate the superior factors of a luxury car in order to surpass the former generation, as the Corolla constantly needs to be No. 1 in its market. The tenth generation model specifically focuses on the instantaneous good feeling when entering the car and starting off.