• * Production period in Japan.
    The period of introduction for this generation model may vary by region.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Shinichi Yasui

Eleventh Generation Corolla Development Leader

Shinichi Yasui

Period of Assignment: 2008 -

[Developer Profile]

1988- Development Planning Div., Developing Air Bag
1992- Body Design Div., Air Bag & Seat Belt Designer
1995- Planning Div., Center 2, Planning new vehicle
1997- Product Planning Div.
<NBC Series: Product Planning Div.>
1997-1999 Fun Cargo
1999-2000 bB
2000-2002 IST
<Corolla Series: Product Planning Div.>
2002-2003 Corolla Concept Planner for the 10th generation
2003- Corolla Assistant Chief Engineer North America, India, Pakistan and general export countries
2006- Corolla Chief Engineer North America, India, Pakistan and general export countries
2008- Corolla Chief Engineer & Concept Planner for the 11th generation
2010- Auris and Corolla Europe Chief Engineer, E'Z Chief Engineer
2011- Corolla Chief Engineer for All Over the World (except Japan Corolla and Europe Auris) and E'Z , Zelas, tC Chief Engineer
2013- Now Corolla and Auris Chief Engineer for all over the world and E'Z , Zelas, tC, xB Chief Engineer


"I believe this new model clearly breathes the Corolla DNA that has been inherited over a period of 47 years."

That DNA sets forth the mission of the Corolla to constantly provide concepts and technologies that lead the times and to create the world’s best-selling car, and that DNA has now been inherited for a new era. Each generation of the Corolla has pursued the “customer satisfaction” and “customer delight” around the world, and through those efforts the DNA of the Corolla has constantly evolved. I am confident that we have developed an 11th generation Corolla that can be driven with WAKUDOKI, peace-of-mind, and pride.