• * Production period in Japan.
    The period of introduction for this generation model may vary by region.

A Corolla with even greater competence.

"Comprehensively enhanced performance for the high speed era"

Tatsuo Hasegawa

First and Second Generation Corolla Development Leader

Tatsuo Hasegawa

Period of Assignment: 1963 - 1974

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After joining Toyota Motor Corporation in 1946, Hasegawa was involved in truck and bus design and in the development of the Crown. His post in 1962 when the Corolla concept was conceived was that of Chief Engineer of the Publica. In 1967, the year after the first generation Corolla was released, Hasegawa assumed the office of Assistant General Manager of the Product Planning Division, responsible for managing the Chief Engineers of each project. He also was involved in the development of the second generation Corolla.


"80 Point Doctrine +α Concept"

Not even one failing score is allowed. However, an all-around score of 80 is not acceptable either. If there is not some sort of (+α) feature that enables the vehicle to exceed 90 points in some areas, the hearts of the general public cannot be captured.