• * Production period in Japan.
    The period of introduction for this generation model may vary by region.

The front wheel-drive Corolla.

"A spacious interior in a compact sedan. Clearing the hurdles to meet world standards."

Fumio Agetsuma

Fourth and Fifth Generation Corolla Development Leader

Fumio Agetsuma

Period of Assignment: 1974 - 1983

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Fumio Agetsuma joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1955. After working in the development of the Corona and Mark II as the expert in body design, he participated as a member in the Corolla team in 1969. In August 1974, four months after the third generation Corolla was released, Agetsuma assumed the position of Chief Engineer of the fourth generation Corolla. In 1979 when the fourth generation entered the world market, Agetsuma continued with his service as Chief Engineer of the fifth generation Corolla.


"An appealing design is a design with high level originality that is ahead of the times."

Avoid ordinary designs for everyone. Designs must have originality and express a clear message.

"The Corolla has a continuous responsibility of being the 'bread and butter' for various people in nations throughout the world."

Place emphasis on the basic areas that have the greatest impact on passengers even though those areas may be low-key. Use sound proofing and vibration proofing technology to achieve a superior level of quietness.