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High-end, impressive Corolla.

"Shifting Corolla value to the range of emotions and sensitivity."

Akihiko Saito

Sixth and Seventh Generation Corolla Development Leader

Akihiko Saito

Period of Assignment: 1984 - 1991

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After joining Toyota Motor Corporation in 1968, Saito was involved in vibration testing and chassis design. Then in 1980, he participated as a member of the development staff of the fifth generation Corolla. In October 1982, Saito assumed the position of Acting Development leader when Fumio Agetsuma, the Development leader of the fifth generation Corolla, was promoted to a member of the board. Then in February 1984, he was promoted to sixth generation Corolla Development leader. In 1987, the sixth generation model was released worldwide, and Saito became Development leader of the seventh generation Corolla.


"Provide high quality time."

In an era that sought to satisfy the soul, the vehicle became more than a mere means of transportation. With this, Saito believed that consumers would seek thoughtful attention, ample room, driving excitement and family time. He also believed improving fundamental performance and appealing to the human senses — including sight, sound, touch and smell to create a high sensitivity quality — would give the passengers deep satisfaction and lead to providing "high quality time."

"The impression that a car makes is first developed when its essential functions and performance significantly exceed expectations."

In an era that was changing from "richness of items" to "richness of the soul," Saito believed that "impressions that inspire the soul" were sought, so for the seventh generation Corolla, he endeavored to polish thoroughly fundamental vehicle performance, including driving, turning and stopping, and to materialize "impressions that inspire the soul."