• * Production period in Japan.
    The period of introduction for this generation model may vary by region.

Pursuing the intrinsic economic efficiency of family cars.

"Concern for environmental problems and safety. One answer to the radically changing era."

Takayasu Honda

Eighth Generation Corolla Development Leader

Takayasu Honda

Period of Assignment: 1988 - 1998

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Takayasu Honda joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1968. After participating in chassis design for the Corona, Mark II, HiaceI and others, Honda became responsible for the Corolla and Sprinter beginning in 1977. Then in 1988, he assumed the position of Development leader of the eighth generation Corolla. Honda, who participated in Corolla developments from the fourth generation through the eighth, became known as "Mr. Corolla."


"Convey a slim, healthy image with a beautiful shape."

This easy-to-understand expression was adopted as the development theme to focus the direction of developments to achieve significant weight reductions, ensure safety performance, increase body rigidity, improve quietness and fuel efficiency and focus on the environment.