• * Production period in Japan.
    The period of introduction for this generation model may vary by region.

Start from scratch in the creation of new value.

"Break the link with the past and target a global standard for the 21st century."

Takeshi Yoshida

Ninth Generation Corolla Development Leader

Takeshi Yoshida

Period of Assignment: 1997 - 2002

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Takeshi Yoshida joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1974 and began his affiliation with body design. In 1984, he transferred to the Product Planning Division and was in charge of Corolla planning. Then beginning in 1993, Yoshida served in Thailand as the Chief Engineer of the local production vehicle Soluna, a strategic vehicle for Asia. Beginning in 1997, Yoshida once again participated in Corolla developments as the facilitator and worked on developments of the ninth generation model as the Chief Engineer through 2002.


"Start from scratch."

If we place too much emphasis on the Corolla as a "can't fail" vehicle, we will end up overprotecting past designs. To avoid developing products based on the manufacturer concept of placing priority on cost reductions and production ease, Yoshida stressed the need to separate from the Corolla image of the past and strive to construct a "new global standard for compact cars" as they embarked on the developments of a new generation Corolla.