Facts About the Seventh Generation

Corolla and the world's most famous super car

The Sports twin cam 4A-GE engine was modified for the seventh generation Corolla to the point that it could be called a newly designed engine. The major characteristic of this engine was its valve mechanism of five valves per cylinder. This 5-valve configuration is rare even in present day performance cars, and certainly not found in family cars. For instance, Ferrari has adopted 5-valve engines in some of their super sports cars.

Corolla significantly enhanced in all aspects

The Corolla was exported worldwide and grew to the point that it could target the No. 1 position worldwide in production and sales volumes. This remarkable growth was due not only to production and sales volumes, but also to the anticipation of the trends at that time and to the body size, which was the largest compared to the Corollas of the past. In addition, both the exterior and interior of the vehicle projected a superior image with quality workmanship in every detail and high level reliability achieved by significantly expanding the use of rust proof steel sheet. The Corolla also offered substantial equipment and features for this class at the time (1991), including a driver's side power seat on the highest grade models.

Secret of Corolla