For the exterior, the Toyota design keywords of "Vibrant" and "Clarity" have been successfully carried over to this full-fledged 4WD vehicle. While maintaining the Land Cruiser's functional and dynamic shape, the design goal was for a clean and long-lasting design. Inheriting the unique characteristics of the strong presence of 5-door models and a vibrant feel of the 3-door models, this new model has a Land Cruiser Prado look while also adding next-generation appeal with vertically oriented headlamps and front grilles, and a cabin shape consisting of flowing surfaces. The length, width, and wheelbase have been increased while the height has been kept down for an extremely stable yet rugged look.

The interior design is based on a powerful shape that emphasizes functionality in order to maintain a sense of toughness without losing the luxurious feel. For interior comfort, the cabin length and width have been increased and the 2nd row seats have been made even more comfortable. The seat height of the front seats have been held to 850 mm and the sidestep height has been held to 360 mm in consideration of off-road performance and easier entry and exit. A fully automatic air conditioner with left-right independent temperature control has been made standard on all models.

Advanced safety features have been implemented as would be expected for a Land Cruiser as all models come with 4-wheel disc brakes, ABS (Antilock Brake System) with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), and brake assist as standard equipment for superior braking performance and emergency avoidance characteristics. In addition, VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) which suppresses side slipping during excessive handling when avoiding on-road objects or driving on slippery roads is available as a pair with active TRC for high grade models.
To help prevent theft, an engine immobilizer system that disables the engine from starting unless an authentic key with the registered ID code is used is standard on all models.

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