The change to coil springs in the front was designed to improve the riding comfort as well as handling stability in high-speed driving. The leaf springs tended to create understeer in the steering, because of the slight shift in the position of the leaf pivot.

The first time that coil springs were put on a Land Cruiser was with the LJ71G, with the debut in 1985 of the Wagon-type, a version of the 70-series short model with the same basic chassis but a new suspension.

When the 2L-T-type turbo diesel engine (left) was put in the 70-series Prado Wagon, it became an electronically controlled 2L-TE-type (right), and in time with a minor change was released as the newly developed 1KZ-TE-type engine.

The instrument panel design on the Prado was the same shape as the original early 70-series straight-line design, but this was changed to a curved design when the 2L-TE-type engine was replaced with the 1KZ-TE-type.