The Outback Express

Australia is like a second home for the Land Cruiser. It has been imported there on a serious scale ever since the days of the 40-series, and it is currently the largest market in the world for Land Cruiser 70s. The reason for these strong roots in Australia is the large amount of off-roading and sheer size of the continent. If you venture out into the sparsely populated outback you are responsible for taking care of yourself. Whether it turns into an exciting adventure or trouble that can threaten your very survival depends a lot on the reliability of your 4x4, and in this sense the Land Cruiser enjoys a good reputation. This is the common view of most Aussies.

It is the dream of most Land Cruiser fans to be able to go on a 4x4 expedition across a large expansive territory, where you cross mountains, deserts, and rivers created by sudden rainfalls.

Along the eastern coast you see large and small mountain ranges. It is easy to get lost in the maze-like structure, but this is a great place to do trials on uneven ground.

The Land Cruiser is used in the mining industry to carry both people and materials. Some Land Cruisers spend their useful life underground at work in mining.

To cope with heavy loads, the truck bed was extended and given 2 rear axles, extending the performance of the Land Cruiser even further.

Moving out into the vast red landscape.

Australia is a country 20 times the area of Japan, and rich with natural resources. The eastern part of the country is mountainous, while the center is flat and low, the west is mostly tablelands; and many adventurers have traveled across this land. Still today you find modern-day adventurers in search of the same dream heading out across the outback in Land Cruisers. We discovered many things in our trek across the outback, including encounters with lots of Land Cruisers. No matter where you travel you are not likely to find a place in which the Land Cruiser seems as at home as it does in Australia. In the desert, on plains and rough fields, you find Land Cruisers everywhere in Australia. Before the 50th anniversary of the Land Cruiser we decided to venture again on the great red earth of Australia. Leaving Sydney behind, we took a long road out of the city. Here we found Land Cruisers always unchanged, and always loved by the Aussies.

Crossing over the mountainous area in the east you enter the long expanse of the warm desert. This is the approach to the outback. Gradually you see plant life becoming sparse, and it takes some courage to press forward into this world.

The convoy presses on the ocean at sunrise. Once the magic show of cloud and light clears, it quickly transforms into a hot landscape.

The front bumper has a large strong skirt to push aside larger rocks in the mining quarry.