Land Cruisers at work in mining

The Land Cruiser is the vehicle of choice in the mining industry around the world because of its exceptional durability. There are even some Land Cruisers that are used in the mine shafts, and spend their useful life underground in the mines.

This Land Cruiser is hard at work for the Republic of South Africa Petroleum Company. The body has been specially widened, and the section of pipe above the pillar has been reinforced. Because the mine shafts are cramped, the roof section has been removed.

In Australian mining the fuel tank on these Land Cruisers is made of stainless steel, as a protection against the salt water and acidic water that it gets exposed to. In this environment the useful life is said to be 3 months for the leaf springs, 1 week for the differential oil, and 3 years for the vehicle itself! Even so, there are no major problems such as the frame bending, so the Land Cruiser has gained a firm reputation for reliability.