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As a car which started out as a work utility vehicle and gradually worked its way into the role of a car for private use, the Land Cruiser has come to be known on the West Coast of America as a great leisure vehicle for off-roaders. At Pismo Beach, California, where several thousand 4x4 vehicles gather to do hill climbs or drag races in the sand, you see Land Cruisers as well as Jeeps climbing the dunes. This was 25 years ago. In America, where people increasingly seek out SUV that also have passenger car characteristics, there has been a long tradition of off-roaders who have chosen the Land Cruiser as their vehicle of choice on the West Coast.

American off-roaders since those days have long been accustomed to using vehicles as a working tool, and they enjoy customizing their vehicles according to their individual styles.

The Rubicon Trail in Nevada is a mountainous area that is considered to be an off-roader's heaven. The dry earth tends to rob the tires of full traction. The real challenges of the trail lie ahead, for as you climb in altitude you gradually see larger rocks and V-shaped valleys below.

The expansive desert of Nevada is easily accessed from Las Vegas, though both large and small peaks tend to block the path for off-roaders. You have to be careful, as the area is strewn with small rocks.

In the western part of Arizona, the Mohave Desert stretches out from the Colorado River, with vast expanses of flat dirt. Wherever you look you find ground made for the Land Cruiser.

Lockwood Valley in the wintertime. For an 80-series Land Cruiser with differential lock, it should have no problem at all driving on snow like this, but considering the weight of the body it is coming down carefully avoiding the snowdrifts.

The Rubicon Trail is one of the highlights of the State of Nevada, and has some pretty severe rock sections. These off-roaders are concentrating on the challenges of tracing a line. Even in a Land Cruiser, on this section everything depends on the driver's skill.

South of San Francisco you see an FJ40V here in the town of Carmel, a city made famous for electing Clint Eastwood as its mayor. The classical body of the Land Cruiser looks quite at home in this peaceful atmosphere.