Eco-Vehicle Assessment System

Eco-VAS(Eco-Vehicle Assessment System), based on the concept of life cycle assessment (LCA) throughout the entire development process from vehicle production and use to disposal, is a comprehensive environmental impact assessment system. It is aimed at serving as a valuable environment-management tool for those responsible for vehicle development.

LCA Method Certified

TOYOTA's LCA Method, which is applied to our passenger vehicles was certified by TÜV Rheinland, in accordance with ISO14040/14044 standards.

Eco-VAS main points

  • (1)At the very start of planning, the person responsible for a particular vehicle sets environmental impact reduction targets for that vehicle.
  • (2)Assessment of environmental impact is carried out covering a wide range of items, including fuel efficiency, emissions and noise during vehicle use, the disposal recovery rate, the reduction of substances of environmental concern and CO2 emissions throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle from production to disposal.
  • (3)A new computer network allows the project leader or other responsible person to access an environmental database from a personal computer, check the status of target achievement, continually confirm results and obtain feedback during the entire development process, in order to assess vehicle recovery rates and the amount of usage of substances of environmental concern and to carry out LCA.

Through these processes, and under the direct management of the person in charge, necessary measures to reduce the environmental impact of each vehicle can be devised in the initial stages of development, enabling steady development progress with an eye toward achieving targets and raising a vehicle's overall environmental performance.

Eco-VAS operational flow

Persons in charge of vehicle development set environmental impact reduction targets for vehicles at the planning stage and continually check target-achievement status from the start of the development process through to the start of production.

Eco-VAS operational flow

  • *Environmental impacts : Fuel efficiency, emissions and noise during vehicle use, recovery and substances of environmental concern