Toyota's effort for establishing of a recycling based society

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Basic concept

Toyota promotes reduce, reuse and recycle initiatives through the entire life cycle of a vehicle, from the development to end-of-life stages. Toyota will contribute the establishment of a recycling based society, for example, building a value chain for vehicle to vehicle recycling.

Shredding and ASR (Automobile Shredder Residue) recycling

Toyota Metal Co., Ltd., which was established in 1970 as the first vehicle shredding plant owned by an automobile manufacture, has been conducting recycling of end-of-life vehicles and ASR (Automobile Shredder Residue).

Waste lubricating oil and HV battery recycling

Toyota Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., which was established in 1973, has been recycling lubricating oil, and now, is extracting high-precision nickel material from Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries in end-of-life hybrid vehicles.

Collection of catalyst and HV battery

Toyotsu Recycle Corporation, which was established in 1985, developed the network to collect catalysts and HV batteries through its 15 centers in Japan.

"Easy to dismantle" vehicle structure

Toyota applies "easy-to-dismantle" structures to vehicle designing in order to make the dismantling and recycling process easy.

Aluminum recycling

Toyotsu Smelting Technology Corporation, of which plants are located in areas adjacent to Toyota plants, is supplying directory to the Toyota plants the molten aluminum made of scrap aluminum collected from Toyota plants and the market, and saving energy required for remelting and transporting of the ingots.

Recycling scraps from production plants

Steel scraps from Toyota production plants are sent to Aichi Steel Corporation, a Toyota group manufacturer of specialty steel, and are recycled for automobile steel parts again.

Tungsten recycling

In 2010, Toyota teamed up with Sumitomo Electric Industries which manufactures and recycles carbide tools, developed the system of recycling tungsten from used carbide tools.

Bumper recycling

Toyota is promoting a recycling of used bumpers discarded after replacement at Toyota dealers, using the recycling technology developed with a material manufacturer, Kojima Sangyo Co., Ltd.

The used-parts selling system

In 2001, the Toyota Group introduced a used parts selling system enabling the parts distributors across Japan to confirm used parts inventory of used-parts network companies and place a purchase order.

Automobile Recycle Technical Center

In 2001, Toyota was the first automobile manufacturer to establish an external research institute specialized in recycling, "Automobile Recycle Technical Center". This Center is engaged in development of vehicle recycling technology and development of effective methods and tools for vehicle-dismantling.

Wiring harnesses recycling

Toyota, together with an automobile parts maker, Yazaki Corporation and seven of Toyota Tsusyo's dismantling partners in the Chubu region of Japan, developed the world's first vehicle to vehicle recycling technology for wiring harnesses using copper, which is concerned about its depletion in the future.

Recycling magnets in HV motors

Toyota, in cooperating with Automobile Recycle Technical Center, Toyota Metal Co., Ltd., and Toyotsu Recycle Corporation, developed magnet-sorting technology in order to recycle rare earth metals from magnets for hybrid vehicles.

Booklet"Vehicle Recycling"

Make effective use of the earth's limited resources, so the children of the future can always live affluent lives. Toyota is constantly working towards that goal through the most advanced efforts in the field of resource recycling. We also contribute to sustainable progress for society and the earth.

Vehicle Recycling

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