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Past Issues

Sustainability Report 2005

Environmental & Social Report 2005
Environmental Aspects
Environmental Management P12 - P23
  • Toyota created its Fourth Toyota Environmental Action Plan
  • Eco-efficiency as indicated by CO2 has improved 60% over 14 years PDF DATA

Development and Design P24 - P29
  • The worldwide cumulative total of hybrid vehicles sold exceeded 360,000 vehicles (as of the end of March 2005)
  • The number of gasoline-powered passenger vehicles meeting the 2010 Fuel Efficiency Standards reached 87% of total production
  • Vehicles that meet or surpass the Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle level reached 90.8% of total production
  • Eco-VAS employed for the first time on the new Vitz

Production and Logistics P30 - P37
  • Total CO2 emissions including emissions from non-production areas disclosed
  • VOC emissions were reduced to an average of 35g/m² for all lines
  • Railways employed to transport production parts in a trial modal shift

Recycling P38 - P41
  • Designs for recycling (DfR) created for the Raum steadily introduced on new models
  • Toyota decides on early worldwide elimination of lead, cadmium, mercury, and hexavalent chromium
  • Collection and recycling of three specified items begins in conjunction with Automobile Recycling Law coming into effect

Housing Business/Biotechnology and Afforestation Businesses P42 - P43
  • The SINCE Cada series launched in April 2004 was awarded the 2004 Good Design Award in the Architecture and Environment Design category
  • The bio-plastic pilot plant began full-scale operations in May 2005

Special Story P46 - P48
  • Creating Hybrids Demanded by the Market

Social Aspects
Customers P50 - P52
  • The Customer Assistance Center open 365 days a year
  • Sales of Welcab vehicles for disabled people were increased to reach approximately 18,000 vehicles in FY2004

Employees P53 - P57
  • Toyota adopted an action plan to increase support for balancing work with childcare
  • Employees taking childcare leave increasing yearly; use of childcare centers expanding

Business Partners P58 - P60
  • Toyota promotes reduction of substances of concern in collaboration with suppliers

Shareholders P61
  • Long-term stable growth enhances shareholder value

Global Society/Local Communities P62 - P77
  • Toyota is in dual pursuit of the visions of "Zeronize" and "Maximize" to achieve sustainable mobility
  • Toyota Stakeholder Dialog held on "Environmentally Sustainable Transport" *TOYOTA Safety Education Center "mobilitas" opened in April 2005
  • Basic Policy on Philanthropic Activities adopted and action promotion structures reinforced
  • TOYOTA Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute opened on April 2, 2005
  • IMTS and FCHV Buses operate at EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan

Special Story P78 - P79
  • Toyota City Seeks Improvements in Traffic Flows in Collaboration with the Local Community

Appendix P80 - P84
Glossary P85
Independent Report P86
Company Outline P87

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