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Sustainability Report 2006

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Executive Message (P2 - 3)
Corporate Philosophy (P4 - 6)
Corporate Governance (P7)
Establishing Compliance (P8)
Environmental Aspects
Environmental Management (P10 - 23)
  • Basic Concepts with Regard to the Environment
  • Implementation Structure
  • Status of Achievement of the Third Toyota Environmental Action Plan
  • The Fourth Toyota Environmental Action Plan
  • FY2005 Status of Company-wide Environmental Policies
  • Environment-related Accidents
  • Initiatives for Consolidated Environmental Management
  • TMC Initiatives at Overseas Affiliates
  • Examples of Initiatives at Overseas Affiliates
  • Expanding ISO 14001 Certification Acquisition
  • Global Environmental Data
  • Improving Environmental Performance Through Global Projects
  • Environmental Accounting

Development and Design (P24 - 29)
  • Product Environmental Management
  • Improving Fuel Efficiency
  • Reducing Exhaust Emissions
  • Reducing External Automobile Noise
  • Development of Clean-energy Vehicles
  • Reduction of VOC Inside the Cabin
  • Application of Eco-VAS to All New Models

Production and Logistics (P30 - 35)


  • Production Environment Management
  • Legal Compliance Activities
  • Proactive Preventive Measures
  • Prevention of Global Warming
  • Reducing Substances of Concern
  • Resource Conservation Activities
  • Water Consumption / Air and Water Quality Data


  • CO2 Emissions Reduction Activities in Japan
  • Reducing Packaging and Wrapping Materials

Recycling (P36 - 38)
  • Initiatives in the Development and Design Stage
  • Reduction of Substances of Concern
  • Development of Dismantling Technologies
  • Responses to the Automobile Recycling Law
  • Development of Recycling Technologies
  • Steady Progress in Recycling at Dealers and Parts Distributors
  • Hybrid Vehicle Batteries Recycling System in Japan

Other Businesses (P39 - 41)
  • Biotechnology and Afforestation Businesses
  • Housing Business

Appendix (P42 - 44)
  • Housing Business

Social Aspects
Customers (P46 - 48)
  • Toyota's Customer First Policy
  • Protection of Personal Information
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction through Mobile Service Vans (India)

Employees (P49 - 55)
  • Sharing the Toyota Way
  • Labor-Management Relations Based on Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Human Resource Development
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Safety and Health
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Employee Housing Constructed in Conjunction with New Plant Construction (Indonesia)
  • Fostering Employees Who Can Think and Act on Their Own (Vietnam)

Business Partners (P56 - 60)
  • Relations with Suppliers
  • Relations with Sales Networks
  • Relations with Dealers in Japan
  • Relationship with Overseas Distributors
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Implementing Training for Suppliers and Creating Common Values (South Africa)

Shareholders (P61)
Global Society/Local Communities (P62 - 77)
  • Initiatives toward Improving Traffic Safety
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Social Contribution Activities
  • Education
  • The Environment
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Environmental and Philanthropic Activities Conducted on the National and Regional Levels (Thailand)
  • Greening of 715 School Grounds Nationwide (Canada)
  • Supporting Exhibits Highlighting the Importance of Water (U.S.A.)
  • Environmental Protection Awards for Youth Created (China)
  • TME Conducts the Road Safety Tour Through Europe 2005 with European Red Cross (Europe)
  • Traffic Safety Education Program Aimed at First-year Elementary School Students (Vietnam)
  • Working together with an NGO to Implement Driver Skills Program Targeted at High School Students (New Zealand)
  • Providing Periodic Healthcare Service in Poverty-stricken Areas (The Philippines)
  • Supporting "Hitozukuri" through "Monozukuri" Courses and Robot Contests (Vietnam)
  • Supporting Financial Independence of Women and Impoverished People (Saudi Arabia)
  • Toyota Production System Support Center Assists North American Manufacturing Industries (North America)
  • Communication
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Two-way Communication with Tomorrow's Decision Makers (Thailand)
  • Environmental Programs Held within TMMF Site in Cooperation with an Environmental NGO (France)

Economic Aspects
Business Results and Global Expansion of Business (P78 - 79)
Special Story:
Providing the Freedom of Mobility to a Greater Number of Customers (P80 - 82)
Independent Report (P83)

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