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Sustainability Report 2007

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Executive Message
Vision and Structures
Corporate Philosophy (P4-6)
Corporate Governance(P7)
Environmental Aspects
Energy/Global Warming(P10-18)
  • Further reduce CO2 emissions in Toyota´s global operations
  • Promote initiatives to improve traffic flows using a variety of networking technologies
  • Promote the development of technologies to achieve the best fuel efficiency performance in each country and region
  • Reduce CO2 emissions in TMC´s production activities
  • Promote the development of clean-energy vehicles, and encourage their effective introduction to ensure wider market acceptance
  • Reduce CO2 emissions in the logistics activities of each country and region
  • Develop technologies to respond to the diversification of energy and fuel sources
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives (CO2 emissions reduction)

Recycling of Resources(P19-23)
  • TMC initiatives to promote the effective use of resources to further contribute to the realization of a recycling-based society
  • Steadily implement recycling systems in Japan and Europe
  • Further promote and expand the use of designs based on the designs for recycling concept
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives (Volume of waste, water consumption)

Substances of Concern(P24-25)
  • Promote management and further reductions in the use of substances of concern
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Reduce the discharge of substances subject to PRTR due to TMC production activities

Atmospheric Quality(P26-27)
  • Reduce emissions to improve air quality in urban areas in all countries and regions
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • TMC's VOC emissions reduction activities

Environmental Management(P28-39)
  • Basic concepts with regard to the environment
  • Promote new businesses that contribute to environmental improvement
  • Implementation structure
  • Steadily reduce environmental impact over the entire vehicle lifecycle through implementation of Eco-VAS (Eco-Vehicle Assessment System)
  • Strengthen consolidated environmental management
  • TMC´s production environment management
  • Further promotion of environmental management at business partners
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Enhance the content of environmental education
  • FY2006 status of company-wide environmental policies

Other Businesses(P40-41)
  • Housing Business

Special Story(P42-43)
  • Opening of Toyota Motor Thailand's Third Plant with the Goal of Achieving World-leading Environmental Performance

  • Fourth Toyota Environmental Action Plan
  • Environmental Data for FY2006 Japanese New Models and Redesigns (Passenger Vehicles)
  • Environmental Accounting
  • Environment-related Awards (FY2006)
  • Status of Major Environmental Data for FY2006
  • Main Companies Subject to Consolidated EMS in Japan, Continued Reporting
  • Volume of Resources Input and Volume of Substances Discharged from Production Plants and Logistics Activities in FY2006
  • Status of ISO 14001 Certification, List of Overseas Affiliates in the Report, Environmental Glossary
  • CO2 Conversion Coefficients to Calculate CO2 Emissions Volume

Social Aspects
Relations with Customers(P52-56)
  • Aiming to Achieve Zero Customer Complaints
  • Universal Design
  • Initiatives to Enhance Quality
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives

Relations with Employees(P57-63)
  • Sharing the Toyota Way
  • Safety and Health
  • Human Resource Development
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Respect for Diversity

Relations with Business Partners(P64-68)
  • Collaboration with Suppliers
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Collaboration with Sales Networks

Relations with Shareholders(P69)
Global Society/Local Communities(P70-83)
  • Initiatives toward Improving Traffic Safety
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Basic Principles and Policies of Social Contribution Activities
  • Community Care
  • The Environment
  • Examples of Overseas Social Contribution Initiatives
  • Traffic Safety
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives (Communication)

Special Story(P84-85)
  • Self-reliance for Overseas Production Affiliates through Human Resources Development

Economic Aspects
Business Results and Geographic Segment Information(P86-87)
Three-Year Chronology Summary of Overseas Initiatives (Social Aspects) by Stakeholder Group, Websites for Overseas Affiliate´s Reports(P88)
Independent Report(P89)

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