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Sustainability Report 2010

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Executive Message
Special Feature
The Quality Issue: Background and Future Prospects
Development and Expansion of Next-Generation Environment considering Vehicles
Contributing to Society through Making Cars
Corporate Philosophy and Structures
Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Governance / Compliance
Environmental Aspects
Environmental Philosophy (pp. 16-23)
  • Principles, Policies and the Toyota Environmental Action Plan
  • The Fifth Toyota Environmental Action Plan

Energy/Global Warming (p. 24-31)
  • Further Reducing CO2 Emissions in Global Business Activities
  • Developing Technologies to Achieve the Best Fuel Efficiency Per orm nce in Every Country and Region
  • Promoting the Development, Effective Introduction and Expansion of Clean Energy Vehicles
  • Using Network Technologies to Improve Traffic Flow
  • Incentive Program Continues with Tax Reductions and Subsidies
  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions in TMC's Production Activities
  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions in the Logistics Activities of Each Country and Region
  • Global Production Environment Data (CO2) / CO2 Conversion Coefficients to Calculate CO2Emissions Volume / Examples of Overseas Initiatives

Recycling of Resources (pp. 32-35)
  • TMC Initiatives to Further Promote the Effective Use of Resources and Contribute to the Realization of a Recycling-based Society
  • Reduction of Water Consumption at TMC
  • Steady Implementation of Recycling Systems in Japan and Europe
  • Further Promotion and Widespread Application of the Design for Recycling Concept
  • Production Environment Data (Japan) (Total Volume of Materials Discarded) / Global Production Environment Data (Waste and Water Consumption) / Examples of Overseas Initiatives

Substances of Concern (pp. 36-37)
  • Promote Management of and Further Reductions in the Use of Substances of Concern
  • Reduction of the Discharge of Substances Subject to PRTR due to TMC Production Activities / Production Environment Data (Japan) (PRTR) / Examples of Overseas Initiatives

Atmospheric Quality (pp. 38-39)
  • Reduction of Emissions to Improve Air Quality in Urban Areas in All Countries and Regions
  • TMC's VOC Emissions Reduction Activities
  • Production Environment Data (Japan) (VOC Emissions) / Examples of Overseas Initiatives

Environmental Management (pp. 40-47)
  • Actions of Environment Committee in Each Country
  • Consolidated Environmental Management Action Policies and Results
  • Biodiversity Conservation Activities
  • Systematization and Enactment of Environmental Education
  • Further promotion of Environmental Management at Business Partners
  • Promotion of New Businesses That Contribute to Environmental Improvements
  • Steady Reduction of Environmental Impact over the Entire Vehicle Lifecycle through Implementation of Eco-VAS
  • Legal Compliance Activities
  • Activities of Sustainable Plants
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives

Other Businesses (pp. 48-49)
  • Housing Business

Appendix (pp. 50-53)
  • Status of Major Environmental Data
  • Volume of Resources Input and Volume of Substances Discharged from Production Plants and Logistics Actiitis
  • Environmental Data for New and Fully Changed Models
  • Status of ISO 14001 Certification
  • Continued Reporting
  • Major Environmental Awards
  • Scope of Companies Subject to Consolidated EMS
  • Main Companies Subject to Consolidated EMS
  • Environmental Accounting

Social Aspects
Relations with Customers (pp. 54-58)
  • Response to Customers
  • Response to the Quality Issue in Each Area
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Universal Design(UD)
  • Partner Robot

Relations with Employees (pp. 59-67)
  • Sharing the Toyota Way
  • Human Resource Development
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Safety and Health
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Employment Initiatives

Relations with Business Partners (pp. 68-70)
  • Collaboration with Suppliers
  • Collaboration with Sales Networks
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Safety and Health
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Employment Initiatives

Relations with Shareholders (p. 71)
Global Society / Local Communities (pp. 72-85)
  • Initiatives for Improving Traffic Safety
  • Principles and Policies for Social Contribution
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Traffic Safety
  • Education
  • Society and Cultures
  • Major Overseas Activities
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
  • Communication
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives

Economic Aspects
Financial Results and Global Expansion (pp. 86-89)
  • Financial Results
  • Global Expansion

Four-year Chronological Summary of Overseas Initiatives (Social Aspects)
Independent Report/Web Sites for Overseas Affiliates' Reports

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