Sustainability Report 2011

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Top Message
Toyota's Initiatives
toward Recovery and Reconstruction
of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Special Feature
Toyota Global Vision
Global Vision for Those We Serve
Approaches to Stakeholders
Relations with Customers
(Safety/Product Lineup/Moving People)
  • Overall Concept of the Category
  • Safety (Basic Concepts/New Technology and Equipment)
  • Product Lineup (Basic Concepts/Universal Design)
  • Moving People (Exciting Vehicle Development and Production/Events Aimed at Increasing Car Fans)
Relations with Customers
(Quality/Increasing Transparency)
  • Overall Concept of the Category
  • Quality (Basic Concepts/ Commitments to Gain Customers' Trust)
  • Transparency Increase (Toyota Customer Assistance Center and Lexus Information Desk/ WBCSD/ Stakeholder Dialogue)
Relations with Employees
  • Overall Concept of the Category
  • Human Resource Development (Various Education Programs)
  • Diversity (Women/Global Human Resources/Disabled People/Over Sixties/Fixed-Term Contract Employees)
  • Safety and Health (3-Pronged Approach to Health and Safety/Building Good Health/Bolstering Mental Health Care/Health Management of Overseas Personnel)
  • Employment (Labor-Management Relations/ Basic Employment Principles)
  • Pride and Loyalty (Various Events and Activities/ Athletic Clubs/ Employee Satisfaction)
Relations with Business Partners
  • Overall Concept of the Category
  • Suppliers (Basic Purchasing Policies/ Supplier Guidelines)
  • Sales Networks (in Japan/ Overseas)
  • Examples of Initiatives: CSR/Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction
Global Society/Local Communities
  • Overall Concept of the Category
  • Environmental Philosophy/ The Fourth Toyota Environmental Action Plan: Main Status of Action
  • Energy/Global Warming
  • Recycling of Resources/Substances of Concern
  • Atmospheric Quality/Environmental Management
Global Society/Local Communities
(For the Future of Mobility)
  • Overall Concept of the Category
  • Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative System (ITS)
  • Low-Carbon Society (Smart Grid/Progress in Demonstration Tests)
  • New Lifestyle (Partner Robots)
Global Society/Local Communities
(Social Contribution)
  • Overall Concept of the Category
  • Implementation Structures/Examples of Initiatives in Japan (Environment)
  • Examples of Initiatives in Japan(Environment/Traffic Safety/Education/Society and Cultures)
  • Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Relations with Shareholders
  • Overall Concept of the Category
  • Financial Results

Corporate Philosophy
  • Corporate Philosophy/CSR Policy and CSR Structure
  • Corporate Governance/Compliance
Data/Global Expansion
  • CSR Achievement Data
  • Global Expansion
ISO 26000 Comparison
Third-Party Opinion

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