Sustainability Report 2012

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Message from the President/Toyota Global Vision
Toyota’s CSR Initiatives
Creating the Future of Japan Together from Tohoku
Always Better Cars
[message] &[Special Feature]
Aqua ? from Tohoku to the World
Initiatives for Improving Traffic Safety
Initiatives to Improve Quality
To Be Rewarded with the Smiles of Customers
Enriching Lives of Communities
[message] &[Special Feature]
Contributing to the Realization ofa Low-carbon Society
A Linked Mobility Society
Contribution to the Environment
Contribmuting to Comunities
Mutually Beneficial Relationships
with Dealers/Distributors and Suppliers
As a Member of the Local Community
Respect for Human Rights
Stable Base of Business
[message] &[Special Feature]
Monozukuri is about Developing People
Corporate Governance/Compliance
Financial Information
CSR Achievement Data
ISO26000 Comparison
Third-party Opinion

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