Toyota Children Meet Artists Program

Main Point

A workshop-style class to foster children's values and rich aesthetic sense

The "Toyota Children Meet Artists" is a program aimed at fostering children's values and rich aesthetic sense through interactions with artists. Conducted in cooperation with the NPO, Artist's Studio in a School (ASIAS), this educational program has been carried out throughout Japan since 2004.

It involves dancers and contemporary artists visiting schools, children's centers, hospitals and other venues where they work with teachers to create workshop-style classes that emphasize the learning process through hands on activities involving music and movement. In addition, these workshops are also a means for educators and other adults to pick up hints for new educational activities. This program seeks to help not only the children but also the artists, teachers, NPO members and everyone else involved to transcend the traditional teacher/learner relationship and share a time of creativity.

Toyota hopes children, who will be the leaders of tomorrow, to discover their own individuality and to accept the individuality of others so that they can contribute to building a prosperous society.

2004 in Kyoto.2004 in Kyoto.

2014 in Fukushima2014 in Fukushima

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