"Scientific Jack-in-the-Box! The Why/What Lecture"

Main Point

Scientific Workshop Program Spurs Interest in Science and Technology and Foster Dreams

Toyota has been addressing the problem of youth moving away from the sciences by holding a scientific workshop program, "Scientific Jack-in-the-Box! The Why/What Lecture" for children annually since 1996. Interested Toyota Engineering Society *1 members serve as instructors of free lectures held at science and other museums and Toyota-related facilities nationwide.

The lecture curricula are all original Toyota programs, including "Collision-safety bodies", "Electric power recovery vehicles" and "Two-legged robots." The programs convey to participating children the joy of "making things" and the fun of science, and aim to elicit creative thinking as well as develop interest in "making things."

Approximately 428 lectures have been held over 21 years, with some 32,000 children having experienced the excitement of learning about science.

  • *1Toyota Engineering Society: A voluntary organization for Toyota Motor Corporation employees that consists mainly of engineers. It was created to enhance the technical skills and talents of members, promote friendship and contribute to the development of technological fields in various business areas. There are approximately 30,000 members.

Collision-Safety Bodies.

Two-legged robots.

Model Aircraft.

Electric power recovery vehicles.