Toyota Study Assistance Program (China)

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)

Toyota Study Assistance Program Supports Chinese Students

Toyota and the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation jointly established the Toyota Study Assistance Fund in 2006 to support high-achieving Chinese students who face financial hurdles to entering universities or pursuing graduate degrees.

Every year, the fund supplies 5,000 yuan (65,000 yen) per year for four consecutive years to 200 new students selected at 20 universities in mid-western China. The program also includes enrichment activities such as leadership training, visits to Toyota dealers and plants and invitations to visit Japan.

For three years from FY2008, Toyota provided scholarships to 20 students each year as part of an effort to promote reconstruction in the wake of the Sichuan Earthquake. Toyota will expand it to support students at 25 universities starting in FY2011 and provide new support for job-search activities.

The fund will assist a total of 1,810 students from FY2006 through FY2013. Mid-western China is expected to undergo accelerating economic growth in the future.

´╝ťActivity's Report´╝×

Visiting Toyota Dealer(2008 in Xinjiang Uyghur A.R.)

Visiting Toyota Dealer
(2008 in Xinjiang Uyghur A.R.)

Visiting Waseda University(January 2013)

Visiting Waseda University
(January 2013)

2011 Stipend Presentation Ceremony(December 2011, Northwestern Politechnical University)

2011 Stipend Presentation Ceremony
(December 2011, Northwestern Politechnical University)

Universities Covered by the Toyota Study Assistance Fund

Universities Covered by the Toyota Study Assistance Fund

  1. Xinjiang University(Xinjiang Uyghur A.R.)
  2. Inner Mongolia University(Inner Mongolia A.R.)
  3. Tibet Nationalities Institute(Tibet A.R.)
    *in Shaanxi Province
  4. Qinghai University for Nationalities(Qinghai)
  5. Lanzhou University(Gansu)
  6. Ningxia University(Ningxia Huizu A.R.)
  7. Xi'an Jiaotong University(Shaanxi)
  8. Northwestern Polytechnical University(Shaanxi)
  9. Taiyuan University of Technology(Shanxi)
  10. Harbin Institute of Technology(Heilongjiang)
  11. Northeast Normal University(Jilin)
  12. Southwest Jiaotong University(Sichuan)
  13. Sichuan University(Sichuan)
  1. Chongqing University(Chongqing)
  2. Southwest University(Chongqing)
  3. Yunnan University(Yunnan)
  4. Guizhou University(Guizhou)
  5. Guangxi University(Guangxi Zhuangzu A.R.)
  6. Zhengzhou University(Henan)
  7. Wuhan University(Hubei)
  8. Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Hubei)
  9. University of Science and Technology of China(Anhui)
  10. Central South University(Hunan)
  11. Hunan University(Hunan)
  12. Nanchang University(Jiangxi)