Toyota Dream-Plus Scholarship (Korea)

Toyota Motor Korea Co., Ltd (TMKR)

Scholarships for High School Students

Starting in 2005, Toyota Motor Korea (TMKR) has provided scholarships in collaboration with the Beautiful Foundation NGO for economically disadvantaged high schools students (45 students/year).

In Korea, about 20,000 to 30,000 of around 1.3 million high school students are forced to leave their schools for financial reasons. TMKR launched the Toyota Dream-Plus Scholarship program to help solve this problem.
In addition to scholarships, TMKR also provides school supplies such as sneakers in response to student's needs.

As of end of January 2013, TMKR has provided scholarships for 298 students. One scholarship recipient commented, "The fund provides more than just material support. It also offers emotional encouragement."

Scholarship Award Ceremony in 2010Scholarship Award Ceremony in 2010