Forest of Toyota (Japan)

About "Forest of Toyota"

Forest of Toyota is company-owned forest in the suburbs of Toyota City. It was opened to the public in 1997. Forest of Toyota provides fields for environmental education programs, and also conducts monthly events. There are walking paths inside the forest and anyone could explore in the forest.
Forest of Toyota will continue to provide opportunities for people to experience nature.


A Japanese term applied to the interface between cities and nature that have been utilized by people. Until about the mid-1960s, Satoyama played important roles in people's lives, but their use declined as a result of energy innovations and their condition deteriorated. Forest of Toyota strives to create a twenty-first century Satoyama based on the model of the earlier Japanese Satoyama.

About "Forest of Toyota"


1995 Satoyama development begins in a forest owned by TMC in the suburbs of Toyota City
1997 Forest of Toyota opens
1998 Eco-no-Mori Seminar, an environmental education program, conducted (continued until 2005)
Eco-monitoring conducted to measure the effects of development (continued until 2008)
2001 Hands-on nature programs for local elementary schoolchildren begin
2003 Satoyama Learning Center Eco-no-Mori House opens


1999 Forest of Toyota wins Greenery Day, Natural Environment Distinguished Service Award
2004 Forest of Toyota wins Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister's Award at the 24th Green City Award
2010 Forest of Toyota wins Chairman's Award at the First Contest for Corporate Activities on Biodiversity
2011 Forest of Toyota certified at Superlative Stage under Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System (SEGES)
Feb 2012 Cumulative visitors reached 100,000 persons

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