Joint Initiative with Kew Gardens to Nurture Biodiversity (United Kingdom)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK)

Ever since the Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK) plant was built in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, in the 1990s, a wide variety of flora and fauna have established themselves at the plant site. Therefore, in 2004, TMUK established an on-site wildlife reserve in partnership with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to maintain and promote the ecological value of these self-sustaining areas.
TMUK also established a partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, with the aim of creating sustainable habitats suitable for reproduction of the flora and fauna. To allow the animals and plants living both inside and outside the site to move in either direction and establish themselves easily, TMUK turned the routes surrounding the plant buildings into green belts, thereby establishing an ecological network (green grid) for the local area. This initiative is not transitory in nature, since TMUK plans to continue enhancing the habitats and to maintain and manage their current state which has been brought close to that of a natural environment.
Biodiversity has vastly improved through the green grid. Regular monitoring shows that the number of bee species increased from only one to six within one year, with the number of individuals increasing from 2 to 25. The number of butterfly species also increased from 4 to 10, with more than 100 individuals confirmed.

Fostering the reproduction of several speciesBefore partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Fostering the reproduction of several speciesPresent plant site, which is close to a natural environment