Saving the Hyacinth Macaw (Brazil)

Toyota do Brasil Foundation (TBF)

The Hyacinth Macaw, the largest of the parrots, mainly inhabits the Pantanal wetland of Brazil, and is a much-loved symbol of Brazil's rich natural heritage. The wildlife trafficking and the progressive loss of habitat made the birds endangered species. Neiva Guedes, a Brazilian biologist, launched the Hyacinth Macaw Project in 1990 in order to protect the birds.

Toyota do Brasil has supported the project from the outset with a donation of Land Cruiser and Hilux Pick-up in order to help increase the project outreach. The company established the Toyota do Brasil Foundation in 2009, and expanded their support by, for example, publishing a book on the project to raise environmental awareness. As part of the plan to make the project sustainable, the Foundation will open the Sustainability Center in 2013.

Pantanal wetland of BrazilPantanal wetland of Brazil

Hyacinth MacawHyacinth Macaw

Recovering birds and the nestRecovering birds and the nest

Biologist Neiva GuedesBiologist Neiva Guedes

Donation of vehiclesDonation of vehicles

Saving the Hyacinth Macaw Project

Saving the Hyacinth Macaw Project
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