Environmental Conservation at Office Sites and in the Areas Surrounding Them (Belgium)

Toyota Motor Europe (TME)

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has been engaged in environmental conservation activities at its office sites and surrounding areas since 2008.
During the six years from 2008 to 2013, a volunteer initiative called “Greenways Project” was conducted by TME employees and their family members. Volunteers cleaned and planted trees along 9 km of public roads from the TME Headquarters in Brussels to the Technical Center located in the suburbs. Every year, around 100 volunteers have taken part in the project, which collected 6,650 liters of trash and planted 6,500 trees over eight years.
In 2014, TME also began an initiative to protect and promote biodiversity at its headquarters and technical center. First, a baseline survey was conducted at the sites, finding a total of 200 species of plants, invertebrates, fungi, birds, and mammals. In 2015, as the first step toward promoting biodiversity, insect hotels were set up. In June, the Green Month, insects were found living in two insect hotels for the first time.

Fostering the reproduction of several speciesGreenways Project

Fostering the reproduction of several speciesInsect hotel at the TME headquarters site