Stop Global Warming (Thailand)

Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT)

Since 2005, as a social contribution initiative, Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT) has worked with Thai environmental NGOs to promote awareness of global warming and support sustainable global warming prevention activities. The effort named “Stop Global Warming,” is a contest targeting municipalities and school students.
Local residents and school students who participate in this contest learn about the mechanism of global warming and its impact, as well as actions that can help mitigate global warming, such as trash reduction and recycling, energy conservation, tree planting, and smart use of transportation. They also implement measures they designed themselves.
By 2014, the 10th year of the program, a total of 194 municipalities and 248 schools had participated, with the total number of projects reaching 2,387. Additionally, TMT established global warming learning centers in three locations. The volume of greenhouse gas emissions reduced through this program was more than 14,000 tons in CO2 equivalent.

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