Toyota Weekend Farmers (Korea)

Toyota Motor Korea (TMKR)

The Toyota Weekend Farmers program started by Toyota Motor Korea (TMKR) in 2012 is a hands-on environmental awareness-raising activity for 25 families selected from Toyota vehicle owner applicants. Each family is assigned a field of approximately 16.5 m2, where they grow a wide variety of vegetables from spring to autumn using organic cultivation methods. On the last Saturday of each month, TMKR employees also participate to learn methods of managing vegetable gardens and to harvest potatoes and tomatoes, making the program a forum for people to enjoy contact with nature and with each other. In November every year, Chinese cabbage is harvested and made into kimchee for donation to a homeless support center called “Anna House.” In 2014, 850 heads of Chinese cabbage were utilized.

Fostering the reproduction of several speciesMaking kimchee from the harvested vegetables