Protecting flora and fauna ecosystems

Toyota believes that biodiversity and climate change are the most important global environmental issues. Based on the Biodiversity Guidelines announced in 2008, Toyota intends to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through its main business-such as through the development of technologies with a low biodiversity impact-and also through the resolution of local social issues.


These activities involve the establishment of erosion-prevention hedges on coasts in order to halt sand erosion. In this way, an environment is created that is conducive to spawning for sea turtles.

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Toyota in Brazil supports the conservation of ecosystems for flora and fauna, such as endangered manatees, coral reefs, and mangroves.

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Activities to maintain a habitat for rare species such as the star magnolia are conducted in a forest owned by TMC in the suburbs of Toyota City. Efforts are also made to create a forest where it is easy for Satoyama animals, including owls and Japanese giant flying squirrels, to live.

Based on the concept of creating a forest where people can coexist with nature, efforts are made to maintain the habitat for creatures such as Gifu swallowtail butterflies via environmental education that allows people to actually experience nature.

Based on the themes of "biodiversity" and "global warming," TMC has been conducting the Grant Program to support hands-on projects implemented by non-profit private groups across the world. These include the Green Corridor Project, an initiative to connect the isolated habitats of wild chimpanzees by planting trees.

These grassroots-level activities-including leader training and project grant-are for the conservation of flora, fauna, and the natural world.

Grassroots environmental conservation activities are implemented throughout China in the four fields of environmental education, ecosystem conservation, pollution prevention, and resource conservation.

Toyota in Brazil is supporting a project to protect and increase the numbers of endangered Hyacinth Macaws.

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