Support for Traffic Safety Activities by Toyota Community Foundation (Australia)

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited (TMCA)

The Toyota Community Foundation supports activities for the advancement of a safe traffic environment and the reduction of traffic accident casualties.

The Toyota Community Foundation (TCF) was established in 2011 toconsolidate Toyota Australia’s social contribution activities. As part of its grant activities to support traffic safety, four years ago TCF became a major partner ofthe non-profit organization Road Safety Education (RSE).

Active since 2001, RSE works to contribute to the advancement of a safetraffic environment and the reduction of traffic accident casualties. With the declared aspiration of being the leading player in traffic safety education for young people in Australia, it also holds practical and highly effective traffic safety awareness workshops for students aged between 16 and 18. This is an important age when the car begins to figure more significantly in young peoples lives, as they start to drive themselves or ride as passengers with novice drivers.

One of the workshops is a one-day program, in which participants experience braking at different driving speeds, study driving techniques useful in everyday situations, hear talks from traffic accident victims and bereaved family members, and hear advice from experts on how to ensure their own safety and that of people around them. Through the partnership with TCF, every year more than 50,000 high school students take part in the program. Additionally, surveys drawing on Toyota’s technologies, networks, expertise, and other corporate resources are being used to help extend the program throughout Australia and improve its continuity.

During the one-day experience program

Students checking for tire wearStudents checking for tire wear