Activities to Raise Children's Traffic Safety Awareness (Turkey)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey Inc. (TMMT)

Through the event of painting contest and traffic safety class, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey helps to raise children's traffic safety awareness.

Traffic accidents are a major social problem in Turkey, resulting in injuries and deaths of many children.

To raise children’s traffic safety awareness through early childhood education, since 2005, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT) has participated in the National Traffic Safety Week event in Sakarya Province, where TMMT is headquartered. As part of this event, TMMT holds a children’s painting contest with a traffic safety theme, to help raise children’s traffic safety awareness and to nurture their creativity. TMMT employees help to run the contest as volunteers.

TMMT has also held a Traffic Safety School since 2010, using animation to teach second graders about traffic rules and proper seatbelt use. The class includes a hands-on program whereby students experience nighttime visibility. So far, over 6,500 children have taken these classes.

Award ceremony for the painting contestAward ceremony for the painting contest

Children learning road signs through gamesChildren learning road signs through games