White Road Campaign (Thailand)

Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT)

Road Safety Education for Young Children

In 2005, Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT) started the Road Safety School Visit project using the Milky Way & the Gang mascots to teach children about traffic safety. This program was launched as a part of the White Road Project, which was established in 1988 with the aim of increasing the safety awareness of road users and young people. In this way, TMT hopes to encourage people to follow traffic regulations and manners, and is supporting the efforts of the government to resolve traffic safety problems and make every road in Thailand free from accidents.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Traffic Police Division, Land Transport Department and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), this program is a fun, easy-to-understand and interesting approach to teach traffic safety to children nationwide. A total of approximately 1 million children (1365 schools)*1 have participated.

In addition, the White Road*2 Theme Park was opened in 2004 with the cooperation of the BMA to teach children aged from 3 to 12 about traffic regulations and traffic safety through fun and practical lessons. A total of approximately 1.5 million*1 children have already visited the park. TMT has also created educational multimedia resources consisting of 10 animated episodes of Milky Way and the Gang, which have been distributed to 36,000 schools*1 nationwide.

Through these activities, TMT has educated over 2.53 million*1 children in Thailand about traffic safety, and has been highly praised by the Royal Government for its sustainable traffic safety education.

  • *1As of FY2012
  • *2 In Thailand, the term "White Road" implies traffic safety.

White Road Theme Park

White Road Theme Park

White Road Theme Park