Creating a Safe Traffic Environment

Toyota is in active consultation with the Japanese government through the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) in an effort to bring about a safer traffic environment and to curtail the number of traffic accidents. Recently, Toyota has consolidated its policy suggestions under the basic concept of enabling all traffic participants to coexist comfortably. The aim of this concept is to implement traffic safety policies that have a stronger "people-oriented" perspective. Furthermore, Toyota is committed to actively cooperating and working with the Japanese government on the creation of its fundamental traffic safety program and other projects.

In the future, Toyota will continue to actively participate in these activities with the aim of constructing a suitable transportation infrastructure. In addition, along with promoting research to verify the results of these efforts, Toyota will also work toward the realization of innovative and safe transportation systems based upon cooperation between vehicles and the infrastructure environment.

Special Initiatives

Special Initiatives

The ITS initiatives of Toyota, the mobile society of the future, participation in public activities, and other topics are introduced on the ITS webpage.

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